Who is Daddy Freedman?

I found this typed letter amongst old files in the basement.  It is signed "Daddy Freedman". Our mother's maiden name is Freedman, so I assumed it was from our grandfather (or Grampy).  My mom insists that he wouldn't have signed his name Daddy Freedman.  My grandmother removed suspicion by noting that my grandfather was dead when the letter was written.  A true mystery!  Odd as it is, all our assumptions point to the author being my Dad.  I like the words, whoever wrote them.

April 19, 1994

Dear Dano-Man,
Hey big guy!  I just wanted you to know that I think it is just great that you are trying to do new things.  What I am thinking of is turning on the bath water, playing baseball, and learning how to cut with a knife and fork.  In all three of those activities you are really being brave by trying something new and difficult.  I'll be helping you as you learn and we'll celebrate when you can do them by yourself!
Daddy Freedman

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