A Note From Dan

Dan after a dragon boat race

An open letter Dan wanted to post on the site:

I love Melmark and I love faculty/staff and friends and I love Acme and I love PW and High School Musical 2 and I love Sarah and I love my Mom and Dad and Will and Emily and Gran and Jim and Tom and Paul.

Daniel Drinker


Stephanie said...

To see this gives me great hope for my son's future. Aiden is 18 months old and is blessed with Down syndrome. Thank you for sharing Dan's story.

GAPEACH said...

Your web site is AWESOME! I can't wait to see the next post. Are you on a boat racing team in this photo?

flip-flops said...

Dan, I dont know if you remember me But I am sure you remember my son KYLE.. You and Kyle go way back, since C.M.S. and Best Buddies at PW. I see you at Hallighans and Acme from time to time. I just wanted to say you are an awesome young man, what you and Will are doing with the films and website is just fantastic! I look forward to seeing more. huggs to you both Mary Wood P.S. you and Sarah are so cute together