How Dan Copes With Death

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My family feels this scene is significant because it shows us all how Dan mourns. How we think we all should mourn. Whether he knew the departed well, or not at all, Dan mourns the exact same way. I should also mention that after Dan hugs me I turn off the camera for about ten minutes so I could console him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this moment.

Kari said...

I love all your videos. I have a 4 year old son that has DS and man if I could have just seen some of these videos within the first few days after he was born I would have been a lucky girl. I definately would not have wasted so much time crying and worrying. I still have days I cry and worry but for differant reasons. I worry about society and Acceptance. Your videos are wonderful and definately fantastic for advocacy. You just blew the myth that "All people with Down Syndrome are always happy" out of the water. Thanks for sharing your family! Gotta get me a video camera :)

GAPEACH said...

I love Dan! I wish that the world was filled with more people who are genuine and real!

Christopher Lange said...

I found your blog through americablog.com when Dan endorsed Obama. I LOVE YOUR SITE...I've been watching every post. My Sis has DS, she's 30 and the light of my life. She treats life as an adventure not a challenge just like Dan. I've learned so much about life from her.

Watching this post, i cried and cried and then when Dan switched to discussing his paycheck (change of gears) I laughed so hard. This is my sister to a tee. The way she reacts/thinks sometimes amazes me.

You've both inspired me as well...I will be documenting from here out. I'm taking my sis on a week long caribbean cruise...she's going to have a blast!


Deanna said...

"Is Will crying?"

"No. He's just rolling."