Dad Shares His Thoughts

My dad is a relatively taciturn fellow, but when he speaks, he doesn't waste a word.  On the night before Dan's last day of school (shortly after Dan learned his teacher's husband had died), Ned Drinker talks about what Dan's life will be like without the structured public school environment he's known most of his life.  Dan lived for school.  When he was sick, he would conceal it in order to attend class.  This was also the day Dan stopped working at APS, where he worked before my parents found Melmark.


GAPEACH said...

I can't imagine the anxiety that Dan's dad must be feeling as Dan leaves high school and approaches this new chapter in his life, the footage express it well. This new chapter however might be an even better experiece for Dan but the fear of the unknown still remains. I am at the beginning of the story with our son and the fear can be scary. However, watching Dan's videos are extremely inspiring and assures me that everything will be just fine.

Shaun King said...

Hey Guys!

I hope you all are doing well! Pray for you all often.

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Anonymous said...

I think Gapeach said well what I want to say. My son recently started preschool, and I have to tell you that that small step had me in such turmoil. And now, weeks later, I find my reliance on nursery school to be quite strong for social, play, communication, etc. It seems like abstract thinking to really envision Gabriel as a young man, like Dan, out of the educational system.

Your family seems very strong -- your parents are quite wonderful and I think Dan will do alright because of his upbringing and his love from and for his family.

The Sanchez Family said...

I just had a question about Dan and the mask he has on? Is that oxygen enrichment? Could you tell me a little more about it? My blog is at www.trisacharm.blogspot.com and we are doing the Institutes program which is in Chesnut Hill, PA and one of the things we do with our son who is one is masking. I would love to learn more about what he is doing with his mask. Thank you so much. My email is jvaranini@yahoo.com