Dan Calls Sarah

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       There's a first for everything.  After his first date with Sarah, Dan called her for the first time.  This scene is a little longer than it needs to be, and I doubt all of it will make the final cut.  Still, I wanted to share what a struggle it is for him to have a simple conversation.  I was going to edit a lot of the long pauses out, but our good friend, Evan insisted I keep them in.  He was right.  There's something very powerful about the moments he goes blank and doesn't know what to say.

      They went on their Hannah Montana date yesterday.  Dan says he's in love with her.


GAPEACH said...

Dan- I wish that I had a cool brother like Will. He definately has "your back"!

Jodi said...

Dan, good job. You are my new hero.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
How was your weekend
Hope you have nice day at acme tomorrow U are a

Great friend

You and will are both funny guys'
Are you ecited for a april in paris dance.

I will see you at work.

Have a nice day tomorrow. I talk to your girlfriend saraH.