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Dan featured in a German publication I can't pronounce

Tonight it occurred to me that Dan's story can be told in other ways besides filmmaking.  I want to take the stories I've been getting and try plugging them into a comic based on Dan.  I will write it, using the stories I'm told about him from you, the ones who know him.  I need other people to draw it.  Or sketch it.  Or paint it.  Or however you want to do it.  The key to this blog is to develop a picture of my older brother that goes far beyond my own perspective.

So get in touch with the Blues Brothers if you want to be a part of this attempt to portray Dan as the super hero he is.  For example, one of the first stories, that I'd ask you to draw, would be about the time Dan was rowing with his dragon boat team on the Schuylkill River when a man jumped from the Girard Avenue bridge and they rowed to him, pulled him to safety, and called for help.  Dan called my mom, knowing she was a nurse.  It's a true story, and I know there are many true stories among those of you who are reading this.  If you have something to say about Dan, please send us an email.

Also, if you are a graphic designer, or have anything you could offer the design or layout of this blog, please get in touch with us.  Web design is not my forte.

The same goes for photos.  If you have a photo of Dan, please contact me so we can get a copy and find out the story behind it.  Thanks again.


Patricia said...

You are an amazing brother to Dan. I have been watching all your videos and thet are so touching. I have a son with DS (1 year) amd a 7 year old son. I hope that as they grow together their bond will be as special as the two of you is. Thanks for sharing Dan's life with us. He is truly a blessing and he certainly is lucky to have you as a brother.

Maid Service Northridge said...

Thank you for writing this post