Dan Takes Sarah To His Sister's Show

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The Hannah Montana date was postponed when Dan realized the perfect followup date should actually be to take his new girlfriend to see "Leader of the Pack" at William Penn Charter School, in Philadelphia.  His sister Emily had a starring role and what better way to show off to your new girl than take her to the theater?  

The film gods are a true mystery.  First, they bring me home with blood clots in my legs so I can continue to film Dan.  Then, on an evening where I'm expected to film both my siblings, they break my camera's lens just before I begin shooting.  Then they send the Bartolozzi's my way, who offer their camera for the night.  Thank you, Bartolozzis, it means a great deal to me you let me shoot that night.  Auspicious occasions happen all the time.


GAPEACH said...

Dan and Sarah are soooo cute!! Why did the Drinker's steal all of the talent in this world?? Are there parents this talented?? It must be genetic. Dan is a remarkable dancer, Will makes great films, and then the sister has an abusolutely amazing voice!

Unknown said...

What I wouldn't do to have a voice like Em's.


Dan's such a cutie pie and I'm waiting for our next installment of video.