I Like To Be Me

I can't quite date this document but the first page is a family tree (which I won't be including) with a "Baby expected, 2/26/90".  All my sources point to that expected child being Emily, but let's not rule out family secrets I have yet to uncover.  It's definitely safe to say my brother was probably 4, and I was probably 3.  This stapled packet of papers must have been sent home as an assignment in one of Dan's earliest classroom environments.  These pictures were collaged into the stapled handout as well.  It was titled "I Like To Be Me" and written in our mother's handwriting.  I will do my best to type it up:

All About Me

This Makes Me Happy:
1. Spending time with his "Grampy" ("B.A.") and Grandy ("G").  Daniel sees his grandparents often but always receives them as if he hasn't seen them for a long time.  He really loves and enjoys them.
2. Playing with blocks - he is very creative - stacking, lining up vertically, sorting by color, building airplanes, busses, cars, chairs...
3. Musical instruments - playing "Marching Band" with his brother William.
4. Playing in the pool and with the hose.
5. Eating out at restaurants and ordering milkshakes.
6. Pretending he is having a picnic (in our living room) with a blanket and play dishware and food.
Helping put away the groceries
This Makes Me Sad:
1. Getting nails cut - has always screamed and fought very strongly - we think it is related to CP and how he perceives this internal stimuli.
2. When Daniel can't do something and he is aware of it without even tring, i.e. riding the tricycle - especially when his brother, William can do the particular task.
3. Afraid of certain animals - big dogs.
4. When his brother takes a toy from him - Daniel cries rather than attempting to retrieve the toy.
5. When his brother, William is ill or away for extended periods in the hospital - watching William in pain - Daniel will pout and hold his hand. 
Dan on the original Apple 2e - With a touch screen
I Do This Best:
1. Creativity with blocks - best block stacker since he was a baby!
2. Throwing and catching a ball (has a future in the major leagues)
3. Charming people - has a real way of winning people over and melting their hearts - can be a master manipulator.
4. Making friends
I like this best:
1. Likes doing things by himself - has real pride.
2. Milkshakes and cookies.
3. Rides and carnivales.
4. Reading books with Mom and Dad.
5. Playing with neighborhood friends, ages varying 3 1/2 - 10 yrs.
6. Dancing at Grampy's house to Benny Goodman.
7. "Winnie the Pooh and the Slushy Day" - "Pooh Day" he calls it.
8. Learning new things.
9. Swinging on swings at playgrounds or in our yard.
10. Playing at the computer.
11. Going to church (since very little), talking to priest, putting money in collction basket, praying.
12. Watching any type of musical.
Daniel and brother William (always serious) at the church carnival.

One of William's many hospitalizations - lots of tubes and pain, very tough for Daniel.

Click Images to enlarge them and see the looks on some of those faces.

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Anonymous said...

It's taken me a while to find this post. It was well worth the wait. There are many many similiarities to what Dan loved as a child and what Gabriel, my son, loves and doesn't like so much, right now. I can definitely feel the "waiting" on the faces of your father and grandfather in the one hospital picture. We've been there too...Thankfully, your brother and my son are stronger, healthier people for it.