Always On The Move

Dan and Mom, Summer 1989

When Dan goes to church he never sits with his family, at least, not for too long.  Typically, he will leave us and invite himself to sit with other members of the community.  He will remain with someone ("my friend"), even fall asleep on their shoulder for a quick nap (what we would all like to do during some sermons!).  But, appropriately timed with the flow of the service, Dan moves on a couple more times to different sections to join others in the congregation.

Dan demonstrates the true spirit of "community." What appears to be a simple action is quite complex.  Week after week, I'm used to staying in my comfort zone, sitting with my family in the same place in church.  Inhibitions prevent us from reaching out and opening ourselves up to each other's joy and pain, to that which makes us human.  We lose many opportunities for growth and connection.  Next time, wherever it is, I'm going to move around.
Diane Drinker

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GAPEACH said...

How old is Dan in this photo? His mother in this photo reminds me of Tricia Yearwood (except I think that Mrs. Drinker is much more beautiful). I agree with his mother in that it is very hard sometimes to get out of our "comfort zone", we cannot grow as an individual if we do push ourselves and take risks. Dan is a risk taker and an adventurist.