An Evening With Daniel Drinker (You're Invited!)

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Chris Townsend co-chairs the Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group. In January he wrote me asking if Dan and I would be interested in screening scenes from our documentary at one of MCDSIG's meetings. We gladly accepted and I'm pleased to report that it's officially happening next month. Click the flier above for more details. If you'd like to join us please RSVP HERE.

I'd like to personally thank Chris and his wife for this wonderful opportunity. Dan is going to be so excited to meet his fans. We've never shown any of our documentary to an audience before so it will be quite exciting to see how the scenes play.

I'd also like to thank Daniel Niblock for designing the flier above. Daniel's baby boy, Ozzie, has DS. He blogs about him at Down With Oz. He also just launched DowntownDS.com.

Thanks to everyone for the support. We look forward to meeting you in July!


Cheri said...

It sounds like a fun night! Wish we could be there but it's just a few too many states away...however, I am looking forward to when you and Dan take it on the road :)... and we meet up with you at your Los Angeles venue. Dan...you are looking pretty cool in that flier...love the cool glasses!!

Will said...

Wish we could be there but we are in the UK. When Daniel does his World Tour we'll be first in line : )
I think everyone who knows someone with Downs Syndrome should know about you guys, you are both brilliant!

jypsy said...

Very cool!!

We'd love to be there too but it is a bit far and I hear we now need passports to drop down below the border....

Oh, well.... have a blast!

Allow me to share this story with you. Aaron graduated from high school with Alex, his mom was Alex's SLP in elementary school (when Alex started talking).

Tricia said...

That is SO cool! I am not sure if we can make it--we are in Baltimore--but we just might try! Great flier!!!!

Crittle said...

Fantastic flier! Oh, I wish we were closer so I could come.

Anonymous said...

What a great event! It's a long trek from Canada, but please be sure to add us onto Dan's world tour. ;)

I think what you and Dan have done for families in the Ds community is quite outstanding.

I'm looking forward to reading updates.

Jill, LIttle Joe's Mom said...

Wish we could be there, but we are in Missouri....my brother is in PA. I am trying to talk him into going. Think about taking it on the road to Kansas City. We are having our Step up for Downs walk Saturday, October 24. We would love to see you there.
Love the flier, and Dan, you look Mahhhvalous!