Dan Stars In The Sound of Music

Last week, a friend from high school contacted me after having recently discovered Dan’s blog. She told me how “Dan Meets Will’s Girlfriend” caused her to recall her own feelings from childhood when older siblings brought home significant others. She said Dan was able to articulate what she kept inside. Back in high school, my friend had met Dan plenty of times but she admitted that she didn’t realize how smart and funny he was until she started watching his videos. Hearing this renewed me with purpose. If the way she sees him has changed even a little bit, I’m on the right track.

CLICK HERE to watch on You Tube

This scene contains a moment we can all relate to. It’s an exchange between Dan and Molly, who co-starred with The Melmark Players in The Sound of Music this past December. Dan was still with Sarah at the time but don’t think that stopped him from flirting. As Dan and Molly wait backstage before the show their banter is reduced an awkward pause that is just pure poetry. Keep an eye out for it. We’ve all been there.


beth said...

more more more... i always want more! thanks so much.

Jayne Hickey (The View From My Shoes) said...

I love it! Looks like Molly and Dan have a little thang brewing... I loved the..."so.........Will you're so tall now!" save. Nice job Molly!

Will, you never disappoint, keep up the fantastic work. You have captured Dan's life in such a way that speaks volumes to the rest of the world on just how much more alike our family members are with the world than different.

Oh and how often does your Dad get told he looks like Will Ferrell?

Diane said...

Yes, we often hear that Dan's dad, Ned, looks like Will Ferrell except that Ned's way handsome!!!

Anne said...

The big finish gives me chills. Love it.