Dan and Sarah Break Up For Real

These past few weeks, Dan and Sarah have been breaking up and getting back together frequently.

I just got off the phone with Dan. 

Dan: Will, Sarah and I break up.
Will: I don’t know how to react to that because for all I know, you’ll be back together again tomorrow.
Dan: No. For REAL this time.
Will: Okay.
Dan: (long pause) It’s bad?
Will: That depends.
Dan: On what? Tell me.
Will: Well, if you don’t want to be with her anymore, then it’s a good thing you broke up. If you still love her, then you have to find a way to win her back.
Dan: I want a new one. Will, you help me? New girl?
Will: Are you sure that’s what you want?
Dan: Yeah, I do, Will. I do. You help me.
Will: I’d love to help you. I don’t know how much help I can be out here in California.
Dan: Yeah! I live with you. You help me in LA!
Will: I don’t know about that, dude. I am certainly happy to help you over the phone. We can talk about whatever you wa-
Dan: Will, you tell me your friend’s names.
Will: What do you mean?
Dan: You tell me your friends, just girls. In LA.
Will: You’re really trying to move out here?
Dan: Yeah! I help you. We go shopping. I clean up. Blues Brothers.
Will: That sounds like a lot of fun.
Dan: Yeah!
Will: But I have a question.
Dan: What, Will, what?
Will: Won’t you miss your family?
Dan: No, you?
Will: Yes, I miss you all very much.
Dan: But you fine. You in La, Will. You fine. I fine, too. We older now. We adults.
Will: That’s true, but you have a whole life in Pennsylvania, Dan: Two jobs, a close family, good friends, Harmony theater, and… I mean, you’re a local celebrity, won’t you miss that?
Dan: Will, who famous in LA?
Will: You mean like celebrities?
Dan: Yeah. Hannah Montana, she famous?
Will: Yes she is. And you’re boy Zack Efron. AND all three Jonas Brothers.
Dan: They in LA?
Will: Sometimes.
Dan: Me next!
Will: No way, dude! Have you thought about money?
Dan: Why?
Will: Well, where you live now, Mom and Dad don’t make you pay them anything, do they?
Dan: No, they my family, Will. They my family.
Will: Yes, but you get to live in their house for free, which is a pretty sweet deal. Do you know where I live?
Dan: LA.
Will: I mean, like… do I live in a house?
Dan: No, a dorm.
Will: An apartment. Dorm’s are for college, like Emily.
Dan: Oh yeah! I sorry. I mess up.
Will: It’s fine. But do you think it’s free for me to live in an apartment?
Dan: No. You pay rent like Paul.
Will: It costs six hundred and sixteen dollars for me to stay here each month. But that doesn’t include paying for electricity, which gives me things like light my computer, or gas, which gives me hot water.
Dan: Or food.
Will: Yes, exactly!
Dan: Or medicine!
Will: Right. Don’t rub it in. I can barely afford to live in California.
Dan: I know, Will. Economy.
Will: That’s right. Do you know how much money you make?
Dan: I don’t know, Will, I don’t know. Two jobs. More than you.


Heather said...

Awww Well maybe a trip to LA for vacation at least? So do we know how Sarah is handling the break up and if she also wants a new one?

Anonymous said...

I think a trip is in order too! And I'm curious about how Sarah is doing too.

AZ Chapman said...

I think dan sould visit la and go visit mickey mouse in disneyland.

Googsmom said...

Have you thought about getting a button for your blog so all the fans can link off their blogs? Pretty please ;)

Them two love birds will be together again :)

Cheri said...

I'm thinking a trip to LA is in order too...we'd love to have you and Dan over for dinner, we are in Long Beach. :)

me said...

so... are you going to invite Dan to stay with you for a "vaca". maybe he needs one? lol

great post.