Statue Man vs. Sammy Weak

The Adventures of Statue Man - Episode 2

Present day: Will and his friend Sam are walking.

Sam: One time, when Dan and I were in 5th grade, Mrs. Meyer’s class.
Will: Right…
Sam: Dan wanted to arm wrestle…

Cut To: Mrs. Meyer’s class room.

Dan and Sam sit next to each other. They are both nine years old.

Dan: Come on, Sam.
Sam: I don’t know, Dan. I’m pretty strong.
Dan: I stronger!
Sam: Alright… but I’m warning you.

They lock arms and begin to arm wrestle. Sam narrates while they fight it out.

Sam’s Narration: Naturally, I let him win. I knew if I beat him I’d never hear the end of it.

Dan beats Sam. Classmates cheer.

Dan: Sammy Weak!
Sam: Nice job Dan, I guess you were right!
Dan: I strong, Sammy Weak!
Student 1: Haha! Sammy Weak!
Dan: Yeah!
Student 2: Sammy Weak!

“Sammy Weak” catches on throughout the classroom.

Sam sits quietly, trying to keep his cool.

Cut back to the present: Will and Sam walking and talking.

Sam: From then on, I was known as “Sammy Weak”.
Will: I never heard about this.
Sam: It lasted for the entire year.
Will: Well, you know… I mean, Dan didn’t know that would happen.
Sam: Oh no. I give him more credit than that. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I think Sammy Weak is very perceptive! ;)