Dan and Sarah's Birthday

CLICK HERE to watch this scene on You Tube.

Dan was born on May 9th. His girlfriend was born on May 10th. They celebrated their double birthday at Dan's favorite restaurant, Halligan's Pub. A very special thanks to Joe Halligan and the entire staff who treat my brother with love and respect on a weekly basis.

Find out more about Halligans CLICK HERE.

Below is a composite made from the three birthday cards Dan made Sarah from scratch.

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I'd also like to point out that Dan has never liked being called "Danny". Since we were young he has reacted rather negatively to those who try to call him anything other than "Dan". I can't blame him. I am the same way when someone assumes they can call me "Bill". With a last name like ours, it's only natural we take names and labels to heart. Dan, however, takes exception to this when it comes to girls. If he's trying to be endearing, like in all three cards he made for Sarah, he will sign "Danny". In the scene above, when Sarah reads "Love, Danny" she pauses and exclaims "Cute!" I guess he knows what he's doing.



Tricia said...

This video is awesome! Keep them coming, I love them all! :)
Happy Birthday, Dan & Sarah!!!!

Our Story: Continued said...

Happy Birthday, Dan and Sarah! I just love these glimpses into his life. Sarah steals my heart too and I just love her! :) (I hope my son grows up to love his sister who has Down syndrome as much as you love your brother, Will!)

sherriknits said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Because of my chance to get to see Dan's life like this, I have started putting occasional videos of my son on my blog. I hope he grows up to be a gentleman like you, Dan!

RK said...

Happy Birthday, Dan and Sarah! That was a great party! Makes me want cake now. :o)

Kathy said...

Dear Dan and Will, I was shown your blog by someone who blogged about it. My son, who's name is Daniel, (nick named PJ) is 8 and a half months old.
I just wanted you to know you have a new reader, and I'm so glad you are blogging.

Monica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN and SARAH!!!! Looks like you had a great time!

Horus said...

Halligans looks like it has a huge amount of variety on the menu. It all sounds pretty good too. I would've went with the Grilled Cajun Swordfish myself. Looks like yall had fun. I was reminded of that part in Goodfellas where he takes his girl out and he knows everyone and gets the best table and everything is on the house. Dan had it like that in Halligans! Happy B-day Dan and Sarah!

amy smith said...

so glad you had a nice birthday! (dan, you were a perfect gentleman)
looking forward to what the new year holds for both of you!

All 4 My Gals said...

Happy Birthday Dan and Sarah! Are you guys going to the conference in Boston? I'd love to meet you! Maybe next year you will be selling your autographs!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love watching your videos! I miss Dan...he was always such a sweetheart and made everyones day! He is still such a ladies man...I still have many of his fun cards! Sarah is super cute dan! Treat her nice! hehe keep it up