Chestnut Hill Local

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Dan and I made the cover of the local section of the Chestnut Hill Local.  A big thank you from both of us to Kristin Pazulski for taking the time to tell our story and to the Local for shedding light on our project.  We met with Kristin twice at McNally's Tavern.  I had a Schmitter and water while Dan had a burger and a glass of wine.


sherriknits said...

Thank you so much for sharing the article!

Dan! You are a knitter? I really hope my son learns to knit someday. Right now he loves winding the yarn into "yarn cakes" and I put a tiny video of him doing that on my blog last week.

It is exciting that Will gets to go to Warner Bros. for training. I wish you the best.

As Dan is fortunate for Will in his life, my son is fortunate for 2 sisters and a brother who care for him.

amy smith said...

what a great article. Good luck in L.A. Will.

momtojesse said...

Thanks for sharing the article. I love hearing about you guys.

Will you are such a great guy and a wonderful brother.

Dan, you are an inspiration and I hope my son grows up to be as wonderful and sweet as you!

Good luck with everything.